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Student Life

Hi this is Olivia A. and Elyssa L. and we will be your Bartlett Student Life Reporters. This is a BLOG ALERT!

Student life at Bartlett is pretty awesome. Kids at Bartlett have a lot of freedom. Maybe not as much as high school, but way more than elementary. Most everyone gets along, but if there is a problem with someone don`t start a fight because you'll make the problem worse. The best thing to do is tell a teacher and they will help you solve your problem. In a way Bartlett is like a second home. You have all of your friends and you get to meet new people. There is so much fun at Bartlett but its not always fun and games you have to remember it is school. The clubs at Bartlett are super fun and educational. One crucial thing about middle school is that you grow up quicker than you think.